What of the future?
Robots are walking computers basically go here to see videos now. Once we can build a computer to interface with the human brain, download memories and life experiences, directly from one brain to another. Live in virtual dream worlds, where anything is possible, what would we do? Lets face it who had this technology first science or everybody in their own dreams at night. Dreams have existed for thousands of years but only now are we beginning to be able to create simulated realities.
   Who spends the most money on building robots? The arms dealers! So is the future going to be like the Matrix? War robots taking over the world?? Or even like Terminator with Skynet taking over the world? A central computer brain running the world's robots? Will robots disobey humans and why?

     Definitely we will have better computers and robots, in the very near future. How we use, or abuse them, is down to us. Robots will do exactly what they are told, all we have to worry about is those who are controlling the robots. We know we have used them as soldiers in the past. I think though we should focus on the positive side that maybe yes the military get the toys first but we always end up benefiting from it, in the end. :)

One day will Skynet take over?

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